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The official BBC 'Make Me a Baby' website (inc. episode guide) can be found here

  • Nov 05 - BBC Scotland film studios here
  • May 06 - Filmed at home and hospital here
  • July 06 - Filmed at home having a BBQ - click here
  • Aug 06 - A thousand quids worth of drugs here
  • Sept 06 - Week of egg extraction / embyro implantation here
  • Oct 06 - The final interview here
  • Feb 07 - Initial results from our second round of IVF here
  • May 07 - The book accompanying the series is released here
  • June 07 - The series is advertised in the media here
  • June 07 - Our LRP (live role-playing) clip from episode one here
  • June 07 - The whole 1st episode to watch or download here
  • June 07 - The whole 2nd episode to watch or download here
  • July 07 - The whole 3rd episode to watch or download here
  • July 07 - The whole 4th episode to watch or download here

  • If you just want to see the bits featuring us then contact me.

    Please note the episodes have temporarily been removed - if you wish to see them then please contact me

    Originally this series of pages was not linked from our main website as not all of our friends and work knew we were trying for a baby, but now so much time has passed and the programme has aired...
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