Paul & Juliet Wilder
Matt & Liz Gritt leaving bash

Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd Jan 2006

Broadhaven youth hostel was the venue for us to spend a weekend with Matt and Liz (plus 7 month old Savannah) before they emigrate to New Zealand.
Thanks to other guests for their photographic contribution

The beach is mere yards from the youth hostel and the weather was great

The highlight was the surprise announcement on Saturday morning that everyone had to come up with a famous character to put in a hat straight away and then only a few hours to prepare a fancy dress costume for a particular character as drawn from the same hat...

Matt and Liz got bunny girl and Darth Vader (my input!)...

Juliet got Ganesha (the Indian elephant god!) and I ended up with Heidi...

Noddy, an evil looking Telly-Tubby, Rasputin, a happy Mr T (A Team)

Mrs Miggins, Shiva, Deli Lama, Genghis Khan

Bunny Girl & Hugh Hefner / The tooth fairy / Captain Pugwash & Purple Haze / Mr T & Fu-Manchu / Rasputin & Chav-girl

Hugh Hefner & pirate / pirate & Shiva / Were-rabbit & Mrs Miggins


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