Paul & Juliet Wilder

In severe need of sunshine and heat since this year all its done is rain in the UK, we headed off to Egypt for a weeks break in the resort of Dahab, renown for fantastic shore diving (which is great considering how sea sick Juliet gets). Below is our hotel and associated views:

One of our favourite spots to hang out was at the beach bar souk - which was in the shade!
It also had a nice view of the Sinai mountains.

Heading in to Dahab town centre was a short taxi ride away, at a cost of 10 egyption pounds (if you are willing to haggle it down!)
Still had a fishing town feel despite the tourism; it's a much more relaxed town than Sharm El Sheikh (where we went for our honeymoon four years ago).

We took a trip out on a couple of quad bikes into the desert to visit an oasis. The Bedouin children haggled with us to buy jewelery! The last photo shows the the view of Dahab with our hotel just on the left of Pauls shoulder.

One day, we went snorkeling at the famous 'Blue Hole', the drive involved a 30 minute taxi ride along a dirt track, which was rather bumpy, and at a few points, rather dangerous! But luckly there was a rather nice bar at the end!

We did four scuba dives this holiday, which were stunning and full of fish, including many stone fish, which the guide spent all his time trying to spot (as they look just like the coral)! The first shot is Juliet been shown how to use the dive computer she hired.

A life long dream for Juliet, since she was very young was to visit the lost city of Petra in Jordan. She was not disappointed! Due to having taken so many photos, here is a seperate page dedicated to our day trip to Jordan.


Finally these last two shots show us both pretending to be Egyption. On the left is Paul wearing the latest fashion, and on the right is Juliet smoking Shisha and drinking tea with a friendly local!

Three short video-movies can be found here


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