Paul & Juliet Wilder

In the few short years since we moved into our own place (in the same week Paul proposed!) Juliet has made sure that nothing has stayed unchanged, not a single room nor the attic, front & back gardens or the driveway! On the left you might just make out Paul in the doorway in a photo taken only a few days after we moved in. The next shot shows Juliet, the new stove and the laminate flooring going in. The photo on the right is from May 04 and shows Paul on our brand new carpet and freshly painted walls. For those who haven't visited our house it was white Artex walls and dark red carpet before, making it very dark inside.

The second line of photos are our work for a new downstairs toilet! Photos one and two shows the removing of the pointless wall to reveal a dyson sized new cupboard! Photo three shows the new lighting, new sink, and the space where the old boiler used to be on the wall. The fact you can see the lights at all is due to us discovered the wall above the door was not supported and collapsing on us!
More pictures to come as the project is completed...

Exterior in snow Laminate Floor by Juliet The new hallway Cupboard excavation begins Cupboard excavation continues Lights and new sink


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