Paul & Juliet Wilder

We are two of the creators of a hobby business called Omega LRP, which ran ten 'Large scale player led fantasy LRP' events from 1998 to 2003. They consisted of about 500 people in silly medieval style costumes camped in wooded glades for a weekend! Our main job was running the company Head Office from our house. During the events Paul ran the administration centre for players and acted as Head Referee whilst Juliet dealt with all the site logistics (like the bar, toilets, setting all the marquees up etc).
Click here for photos from our final event - Grand Bazaar V (held August 2003), click here for some from our fifth event (Easter 2001) called A Quest for Lore, click here for some from our final ever OOC Winter party (held November 2003) or visit here for our old website, now sadly past its former glory.

However Paul has a long history of running Live Role Playing Events before this. Click [here] for more details...


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