Paul & Juliet Wilder

After an eventful evening in the pub, Juliet ended up rather surprisingly having to quickly gather up her stuff for the wedding as due to last minute technicalities Paul had to drive her and Roly in Vij's car to stay over at the posh venue of Rookery Hall! Here's the pair drunkenly wearing their matching PJ's!

The wedding however went without a hitch, and after 'years' of planning, the couple were happliy married!

It was great to see everyone all dressed up and looking the part! From left to right: Juliet, Eleanor & Larry - Graham - Kate & Stov - Vij

The Hot Tub Chick sashes (from the hot tub session on the hen night) came out again for official photos!
Also an unoffical one of the Hot Tub Chaps, who were brave enough to get in the hot tub the next day with the girls!

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