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Violet Illuminations started running tavern nights around twenty years ago. Today VI runs tavern nights set in the world of Empire whose main fest events are run by Profound Decisions.
VI is run by:

Paul Wilder (PD senior staff, currently playing a civil servant NPC) & VI Director
John Haynes (PD plot staff and former Navaar Senator player character)
Emma Stanton (PD props staff and a Navaar player character)

In addition VI is grateful to have other members of the PD team help out by staffing on the night.

Quotes from published reviews of previous VI tavern nights

"VI sets the standard for professional tavern nights"

"..if you haven't been to a VI event before, then go to the next one, you won't be disappointed"

"Definitely one of the best events of the year"

"Entertainment: 10 out of 10, this is the mark that really reflects what I thought of the evening"

"a great evening - I'll definitely be there again next year"

"virtually unmissable"

"recommendability - Yes! Go to the next one."

Violet Illuminations ran its first tavern night (The birthday of the Violet Mage) around two decades ago and followed that with a succession of very successful tavern nights set in the Lorien Trust's Gathering campaign world. Indeed, VI originated both The Open Grand Council and The Convocation of Guilds events, which are still run today by other organisers. The tavern nights regularly attracted over a hundred players a time and the main complaint VI used to have was of trying to cram too many plots into a single evening! Paul was too busy directing Omega LRP to run any tavern nights between 1998 and 2003 but when that finished and Profound Decisions was set up he took on the role of Head Referee, allowing VI to only squeeze in two more successful tavern nights set in the world of Maelstrom over the nine years that campaign ran.