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Empire Day is an event centered around the catering, and so the vast majority of your ticket price is spent on a Hog Roast / medieval style banquet.
The ticket price is likely to be 45 per attendee via the Paypal logo below.
If you're planning on paying for more than one person then consider emailing us for direct bank transfer details.

The event is limited to a maximum of 80 attendees and our events can sell out so don't delay once bookings are open below

Along with your payment, the information we ask for are (for every ticket you have paid for) your PID, real and character names, group, nation and email address (if different from your Paypal one) plus if you're a vegetarian / vegan or have other food related issues.

Bookings for Violet Illuminations events are currently CLOSED!
Complete the two boxes BEFORE pressing the PayPal button...!

When open this area is replaced with two fields you complete with your details and a Paypal booking button

You MUST include all the above detailed information in the Paypal comments boxes above as part of the paying process.
If you pay without submitting these details then you risk us rejecting your booking and potentially losing your place when we become close to selling out.

If you are on a mobile device then the comments box might not be visible - in which case after paying please email the required details to us
Although VI do not give refunds (due to the vast majority of the ticket fee being spent on food), we operate free transfer to any other player of your ticket at no cost. We will not show your real name, but if you do NOT wish your character details to be shown on the public attendee list then please let us know.
Once fully booked then to add yourself to the reserve list please join our Facebook group and add yourself to the appopriate post - directly emailing us will not help you!

The attendee list for the last Empire Day can be found here...