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Violet Illuminations runs live role-play tavern nights set in the Empire campaign world created by Profound Decisions.

Sanctioned Event
VI tavern nights are categorised as a sanctioned event by Profound Decisions. For further information on what this means please refer the official PD webpage [here]

Next Event
The next event EMPIRE DAY 383AE will be held on Saturday 11th January 2020 in the usual amazing medieval Meade Hall we use, just off the M3 near Farnborough, Hampshire.

For discussions, please join us on Facebook - Empire Day LRP

Last Event
Thank you to all who attended our fourth annual Empire Day event set in the world of Empire (as created and run by Profound Decisions), which took place earlier this year.

We run the event around the first Saturday of January annually and the one last year was featured in a mini Vlog by TableTop Weekly on YouTube - here

Latest News
Bookings for the next Empire Day are now OPEN. Please use the Event Booking page on the left