Paul Wilder’s post campaign archive of rules documents

Head Referee for the Profound Decisions Maelstrom Campaign (2003-2012)


Biology Sheets (PDF)


Avian Dracoscion Dragon Dryad Eidolon

Facet Golem Mokosh Myrmidon

Ophidian Undead Wemic


Undead forms (PDF)

Cadaverous Corpus alternative version

Degenerate Corpus alternative version

Marmaris Corpus

Osseous Corpus alternative version


Risen Husk

Tenebrous Corpus alternative version


Native related (PDF)

Inurn Onontakhan Herb Lore Onontakha Tenizidi Tlaxti


Anatomy related (PDF)

Human Avian Exotherm


Referee related paperwork  (PDF)

Anatomy  / Burial Grounds / Contrabando Lammy Titles / Duelling lammy Concept

Ref Guide – Drugs / Ref Guide - Eidolons 2011

Referees Guide 2006 / Referees Rules Update 2012


Traders & Player Events (PDF)

Player Events Rules /  Player Events Rules - ref notes

Trader Pitches and event rules


Weapon Checking (PDF)

Safetyguidelines v1.3 / Weapon Check Supplemental


Faith Briefing Sheets (PDF)

Merchant Old Man of The Sea Serpent Smith Teacher Weaver


Nation Briefing Sheets (PDF)

ILyzanium Malathia Maya Merisusi Rukh Schaffhausen Tritoni


Trading House Briefing Sheets (PDF)

Raddock Bay Rimici Capell Sacuza


Other stuff (PDF)

The Alamanac of the Known World The Campaign Guide given to all players

Kyles Grimoire (PDF) most of the spells in the system as given to the character who became master of all magic!

Downtime Battle Reports (weblink) – as written by PD Referee Chessypig



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My signing off speech as publically posted post event - September 2012:

This is gonna be a long post and was originally intended for the post event usual staff meeting, except that instead we did that balcony thang to all the players instead – thanks for all the Mexican waving by the way – it looked great from where I stood orchestrating it! Anyway I think I deserve this indulgence as this is the first and will be the last time I’ve done such a speech as the Maelstrom head referee.

How far we’ve come – from that first event ‘Auguration’ at Barnswood over nine years ago to where we are now, on the cusp of a new future for UK fest LARP. And it’s obviously been a personal journey too for many of us long time staff; indeed as some of you know Matt and I go much further back than the birth of Profound Decisions – there was five years previously of running Omega LRP and before that, deep in the murky past I was a senior staff member of the largest UK fest system, of which Matt originally came along as a player  – indeed if I recall correctly, his very first event was actually one of my very own Violet Illuminations tavern nights where he had the balls to turn up claiming to be the faction ambassador! And before we even met, without my knowledge (until many years later), I believe he ‘appropriated’ and adapted my LRP rules system for his own University society. I’m proud to be one of his close friends and it’s because I believe and trust in his values and vision that I’m still here supporting what he does just as I did when he took an amazing brave decision nine years ago after the end of our ‘Phoenix’ campaign to make running LRP events his profession.

Being bold is one of Matt’s characteristics, (witness, to some the almost inconceivable idea of finishing Maelstrom!) whereas I have different strengths. Being a referee in PD has some tough characteristics – generally at each event the entire ref team worked in all weathers without any proper time off and even if we did at a rare moment go into kit we could hardly play an active PvP character. The task of being seen but also simultaneously not being seen so as not to interrupt the game atmosphere is a tricky balance to meet. As is not being able to give IC advice or interact in the game, especially when we see something occurring that we are itching to provide verbal assistance to but can’t! And finally you don’t win popularity stakes by having to say ‘no’ a lot to players…

But I’m proud our small team rose to the challenge of refereeing up to a thousand characters. Over the years twenty people had a role as a referee for one or more events and I thank them all for their contribution and hard work and especially the final ref team of Nick, Chessy, Hikari Chris, Doug, Notty, Tom and Wookie. I also need to thank the two previous co-Head Referees I worked alongside – John Newton and Gimby as well as the two GOD managers over the years - Christine and Alison, who had to get along with me and my foibles…

Thanks to the Green Caps who patched up at least two of us referees (me being one of them!), the Red Caps who I salute for the hard physical work they cheerfully do in all weathers, the Blue Caps we worked alongside in GOD dealing with admin and lammies (hmm who could have come up with such a silly idea J), the Grey Caps saving us from having to check thousands of weapons, the Orange Caps for specialising in an area of the game they could give much better  attention to than us and the Black (Pink?) caps for causing so much plot mayhem that we then had to go and referee…!

It’s been a hell of a journey and I will always look back at my time as head referee proudly as it’s been what kept me going in my life.

Thank you players for making it easy and fun to do and thank you Matt for believing in me.

Paul Wilder
Head referee for the entire Maelstrom Campaign (2004-2012)